Reduce Your Fuel Bill This Festive Season

There’s a reason they call it the silly season, over the holidays we can all assume a little guilt over spending that extra cash on all those Christmas goodies – food, gifts, activities, vacations, the list goes on! But what if you could lighten the burden on your wallet without sacrificing the Christmas cheer? Well we’re happy to say you can, with our top tips on reducing your fuel bill this festive season.

Fuel costs make up a large portion of income expenditure for households. With petrol prices continually on the rise it is more and more important to try to reduce unnecessary fuel usage wherever possible. Imagine making a saving of 15% off your fuel bill to ease the financial pressure on your family this festive season!

 Here’s how:

  1. Reduce Idling: Idling your vehicle for just 10 minutes per day can use as much fuel as it takes to travel 8kms, which is equivalent to more than a 102 litres of fuel a year.
  2. Stop Speeding: Apart from the inherent safety risk, research has shown that each kilometre per hour above 80kph increases fuel consumption by 1%
  3. Better Trip Planning: The less kilometres required to get from A to B will result in using less fuel and lower costs. Taking the best route possible, avoiding traffic, or understanding which drivers are closer to the destination all result in better trip planning.
  4. Addressing Aggressive Driving Habits: Fuel savings have been shown to be a direct result of safer driving. Research shows that a decrease in harsh acceleration saves between 5-8% in fuel costs.
  5. Tire Pressure: Check your tire pressure at least once a month as under-inflated tires burn more fuel due to decreased rolling resistance

O'Brien Glass a long time customer of Fleet Complete can attest to the software reducing overall costs. In the six months following the rollout of the Fleet Complete software across 470 O’Brien Glass vehicles, idling dropped by 65% and speeding by 35%. Now, five years after it was fully installed, O’Brien Glass estimates cost savings in excess of $800,000.

 “Fleet Complete has been by our side for some years now, and I couldn’t imagine how we would complete our day-to-day operations without them—the system truly underpins us running a successful business, and looking out for the people at the heart of it.”

Read more about the O’Brien Glass story and how they have saved money here.

Date published.   Dec 19, 2018  |  Author: Sarah Magor