Fleet safety analytics insights: Context matters when analysing driving behaviour

In today’s rapidly evolving world of fleet management, understanding the true essence of fleet safety goes beyond conventional metrics. Geotab, a leader in telematics solutions, has pioneered a ground-breaking approach that delves into the context behind driving behaviour, transforming raw data into actionable insights. This revolutionary method, known as the Contextual Risk Index (CRI), is a game-changer for fleet managers and insurers alike.

Redefining Fleet Safety Through Context

Traditionally, fleet safety has been evaluated based on basic parameters such as acceleration, braking, cornering, and speeding – the ABC’S of driving behaviour. While these metrics provide a snapshot of driver conduct, they often lack the depth required to comprehend the underlying factors influencing these actions. Geotab recognizes that true fleet safety lies within the context – a blend of vehicle safety, driver behaviour, and environmental conditions.

Crucial Considerations for Fleet Managers and Insurers

The CRI approach champions a comprehensive understanding of safety, bringing together vehicle integrity, driver actions, and environmental dynamics. Fleet managers seek simplified yet powerful analytics that distil intricate safety exposures into tangible insights, like the driver score. To achieve this, predictive and data-rich reports are tailored to specific fleet segments, enabling drivers to enhance their skills with precise feedback.

Contextual awareness plays a pivotal role. While operational circumstances can’t always be controlled, being cognizant of contextual risk factors is paramount. Insurers, too, stand to benefit from a nuanced perspective, as environmental conditions vary greatly across intersections, ZIP codes, states, and industries.

A Case of Contextual Fleet Safety

Consider Joan and John, two seemingly similar drivers, both having similar driving metrics. However, analysing their routes reveals a stark contrast. Joan manoeuvres through hazardous areas, showcasing her proficiency in such contexts. In contrast, John struggles on highways. This exemplifies the essence of context-aware coaching – tailoring guidance based on individual strengths and weaknesses.

Machine Learning and the Power of Context

Geotab leverages machine learning to harness the potential of telematics data from millions of connected vehicles. By benchmarking vehicles within fleets against comparable counterparts, Geotab identifies digital twins for each vehicle, enabling precise analysis and insights. The company’s innovative approach even extends to identifying a vehicle’s vocation.

Introducing the Contextual Risk Index (CRI)

Geotab’s pioneering spirit culminates in the Contextual Risk Index (CRI), a ground-breaking tool that quantifies the predictive value of vehicle safety, driver behaviour, and environmental conditions. Through collaboration with TNEDICCA, an authority in traffic safety intelligence, Geotab’s analysis of over 600 million trips unveils the tangible link between dangerous locations and collision risk.

A Safer Future with Contextual Insights

Incorporating context into fleet safety analytics ushers in a new era of insights. Fleet Complete encourages partners and customers to explore this paradigm shift through active experimentation in MyGeotab’s Active Insights and the Analytics Lab. The Contextual Risk Index API, available in the Geotab API Explorer, opens the door to a safer, more informed future.

As the fleet management landscape continues to evolve, embracing context is the key to unlocking a safer, more efficient, and more informed fleet operation. With Geotab’s Contextual Risk Index leading the way, the path to better fleet safety is clearer than ever before.

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This article was originally published by Geotab on the 3trd October 2022.

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