What is Asset Tracking?

Asset tracking provides optimised management and protection of your high-value assets by using GPS software to deliver real-time data and precise locations at any given time. GPS asset tracking solutions offer a streamlined, cost-effective option to remotely protect and monitor your assets around the clock.

Whether you have a trailer that vanishes from your yard, or a large fleet of vehicles that travels through the most remote parts of Australia – Fleet complete provide an extensive range of GPS tracking solutions to keep assets and personnel one click away, while optimising management operations. The Fleet Complete asset tracking software can be easily attached to tools, trailers, vehicles, containers, and other operational valuables, including personnel with wearable trackers with built-in duress capabilities, depending on your business’s needs.


Save Time

The Fleet Complete asset tracker AT1 – LTE gives fleet managers the power of visibility and access to real-time reports, and exact GPS location for each asset at the touch of a button, maximising efficiency and saving time. By seeing where your assets are at all times, you’ll be able to better distribute workload to the nearest available vehicles or machines. Resulting in less time wasted on travel to and from jobs and more uptime available to take on new assignments. Fleet managers often already have too much on their plate each day, even before adding factors like checking inventory, vehicle locations, and trawling through data when it comes to business operations.

Save Money

Protecting high-value assets doesn’t always require a substantial investment of money to qualify. The Fleet Complete AT1 is a small, low-cost versatile tracker with solar and hardwired options enabling installation on all types of assets, whether they are powered and non-powered. High-value assets deserve high-value protection, with the AT1 you get the best quality security without the high price. Learn more on how equipment tracking can save your business thousands by preventing lost or stolen assets each year.

Trailer and Phone


Save your High-Value Assets

Dealing with asset theft can be a business owner’s nightmare. Whether it’s tools, equipment or
vehicles that go missing, you can expect to spend significant time and money recovering your
assets without the proper protection. That’s where asset trackers change the game.

You can configure the Fleet Complete system to trigger email or text notifications when assets arrive at their destination, depart or travel without permission, or simply logging in and checking where your assets are at any time from your mobile device.

Fleet Complete enables full fleet coverage and monitoring, allowing you to act quickly in the event of an incident and asset recovery if stolen, meaning no more costly replacements for equipment essential for day-to-day operations that may cost an arm and a leg.

Additionally, if your operations extend to outside of network coverage, Fleet Complete offer remote asset tracking systems that allow you to track your assets and equipment outside mobile network coverage in remote locations, using satellite communication. Remote satellite asset trackers like the AT4 & AT5 are robust options for anyone managing costly, heavy-duty equipment on a rural site.

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