Are You Using These Reports to Save Money?

fleet driver using mobile device to save money. IVMS and fleet management software include expense reports, time card, device and engine health reporting.

Using the data collected by your GPS vehicle tracking device, there are a number of key standard reports that are valuable to driving down your fleet costs. The way in which you interpret this data can be the difference in saving thousands of dollars on unnecessary costs each year.

Save money with automated reports

Have you setup these automated reports to help you drive down costs?

Exception Report

This report enables you to stay on top of the way your drivers are behaving on the roads. Some of the highest unnecessary costs to a vehicle fleet is fuel wastage and wear and tear on the vehicle.

Setting up a simple Exception Report will allow you create weekly reports to help you identify patterns in your driver behaviour. You will be able to identify which of your drivers is consistently performing poorly in areas such as excessive idling, speeding and harsh driving.

Using this report you are able to focus your efforts on the education of troublesome drivers and then monitor their behaviour over an extended period of time to look for any improvements.

Research has suggested that telematics can reduce fuel costs by up to 14% as well as help a company lower scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and repair costs by as much as 15%.

Man with a report on his laptop screen.

Engine Fault Report

Troubles with vehicle engines can often result in unplanned and highly expensive costs to a business.This is further damaging to a business as it can mean that a vehicle is grounded for extended periods of time, resulting in a loss of income.

Setting up a simple Engine Fault Report allows you to manage issues* occurring with your vehicles from the comfort of the office. You will be notified with an alert, if there is a potential issue with your engine, along with the code which it is related to.

This enables you to quickly react to an issue before it becomes serious and increases the cost of repair. It also allows you to check with a mechanic to determine whether or not the issue is urgent or can wait until its next scheduled maintenance.

Device Report

The ability to be able to identify underutilised assets and vehicles can help you make significant savings on your fleet budget. Without visibility of your fleet, it is difficult to determine whether or not your vehicles are being used to their full potential.

Using the Device Report, you are able to see when your vehicles made their last trip. By analysing this data over an extended period, you are able to determine how often your vehicles are being used. This can help you identify whether you have the ability to reduce the number of vehicles in your fleet, or even reallocate vehicles to a different department.

Time Card Report

This report enables you to either replace your driver timesheet or audit your drivers start and end times for each working day. The ability to ensure you are not overpaying staff for the extra time that wasn’t worked can be a very easy way to cut some unnecessary costs.

If you would like any assistance in setting up these reports please contact our Training Department  or phone us on 1300 653 395 and they will be happy to help you with your request.

*Engine fault data is dependent on the type of vehicle as not all vehicles will provide data on all engine faults.

Date published.   Oct 15, 2018  |  Author: Will Batty