3 Ways To Set Up Your Business For Home Deliveries

Need to set up a home delivery service ASAP? These solutions will get your sorted!

Many companies, including bars, cafes and other small to medium businesses, are now forced to switch gears quickly, setting up a home delivery service to stay afloat during the COVID-19 outbreak. Under the circumstances, customers can’t come to you, so you’re going to them and need a remote management system in place to orchestrate the step-by-step logistics without too much interaction.Groceries delivered on doorstepAdjusting to the new situation can feel pretty overwhelming. You’re facing all sorts of new challenges: How to adapt your business to social distancing and stay-at-home orders? How to keep track of the growing number of home deliveries with only a handful of drivers? How to keep track of who is available, and where your drivers are? Are the routes they take redundant or inefficient?

In times like these, you need last mile solutions that maximise staff visibility while remote and keep operations efficient, helping you get more done with fewer people. Telematics can be a huge advantage in this situation. Depending on the business you’re running and the complexity of your delivery operations, you have a few options when prospecting a management tool, from light-duty apps to top-grade software platforms that cover more complicated logistics.


1. Match Orders To Driver Availability

Task Tracker app is a simple way to establish local delivery services and fill orders as they come in. This mobile application is an easy, light-duty team management solution that brings simple tasks-assigning and tracking abilities.Tablet and mobile phone showing screenshots of pending tasks in the Fleet Complete Task Tracker app.

You get an overview of where each employee is as they log into the app, and who’s ready for a new order. You can communicate with your employees faster, and they don’t have to keep coming back to check in and find out where they’re headed next.

Going digital also saves you a lot of time on administration, like invoicing and payroll, and streamlines your processes. Use the app to create a task with the necessary details and send it to your available staff who also have the app on their phones. In the app, they can accept or reject it, depending on whether they are on another delivery.

Once the task has been accepted, the status will be changed to ‘In Progress’, while time-stamping the location where the driver is, as well as the location where the task is completed. This will give you a green light to let your customers know that their order is delivered.

Now your driver is available to take on a new delivery. In the meantime, the app shows you those orders that still need to be assigned, the ones that are currently in progress, and which have been done. It helps you keep track of the big picture and coordinate quickly with your employees.


2. Automate As Much As You Can

While Task Tracker is a great way to do some light-duty delivery management, GPS fleet tracking takes it a leap further with automated notifications, vehicle status in real time, route optimisation, and fuel and performance efficiency to run your business on a budget.

If setting a last mile delivery service requires a lot of manual work to accomplish the tasks, then you need higher visibility into what is happening in the field remotely and automate as many processes as you can. Big or small, they will add up, especially if your staff is lean and you can’t afford additional employees.

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With fleet management software, you can keep track of your drivers and keep them on schedule, while responding effectively and quickly to customer orders, all from your computer screen or mobile device. Keep your finger on the pulse of everything that is going on remotely, having mobile tracking to view all vehicle activity on one web map – in real time.

You can cut down on response times significantly when immediate assistance is needed by identifying the closest employee to the area where you want them to be. Plus, optimising your routes and having fewer idling instances will save you up to 12% on fuel consumption.

Set up rules and automatic notifications that get triggered as your drivers enter a specific location – or point of interest (POI) – to let your customer know their package is on their porch, without even ringing a bell. Get GPS and time stamps as proof of delivery for customer billing, without signature collection.

Best of all, you handle all job communication and records in one cloud-based system, keeping track of invoices and payroll, as well as being able to produce detailed reports and access historical data when needed.

On top of that, having a connected device in your vehicles will help you ensure the safety of your assets and accountability of your employees.  Generate specific reports on fleet performance, based on actual vehicle use and see vehicle engine data to know when, how, and where a vehicle is being used – day or night. This will also help recover property faster, in case of misplacement or theft.


3. See How Other Businesses Have Adapted

Wills & Daniel the Produce Merchants, a Fleet Complete customer since 2017, are adapting to the constant changes of running a business in an ever changing environment, and have been able to pivot from wholesale delivery business to expand into home delivery, all the while supporting the local community, local growers and other small businesses in South Australia.

Wills & Daniel are a local South Australian company delivering fresh produce to state-wide clients via a 20-vehicle fleet, including food service companies, hospitality venues, hotels and restaurants. The wholesale trade industry has seen a drop of 80 per cent. With much of their produce typically being delivered to wholesalers, Wills & Daniel have opened an online store allowing South Australians to have market favourites
delivered to their door.

“With a sudden change to our fundamental business model, our logistics requirements have become far more complex and involved. The Fleet Complete solution allows us to more effectively manage our delivery fleet; ensuring maximum efficiency, accountability and safety for our drivers and customers.”
—Daniel Semmler, Co-owner, wills & daniel

How Fleet Complete help:

  • Lean on real-time GPS snapshots to track progress and staff whereabouts
  • Provide accurate delivery time estimates to clients
  • Get a time-and location-stamped proof of delivery
  • Handle all job communication and records in one cloud-based system, from anywhere at
    any time.

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