Discover the Power of Telematics to Reduce Fleet Costs

At Fleet Complete, we understand that fleet costs can quickly escalate due to various factors such as safety risks, fuel consumption, maintenance inefficiencies, and labour expenses. However, we have a solution that can help you take control of these costs and optimize your entire operation: telematics.

Unlock Cost Savings and Enhanced Efficiency with Telematics

It may sound too good to be true, but cutting costs while improving efficiency is entirely achievable through the implementation of telematics solutions. We have analysed the four major cost centres for fleets – safety, fuel, maintenance, and labour – and devised actionable strategies to reduce their associated expenses using our advanced telematics technology. Continue reading for valuable insights or check out our educational video series on Cost control strategies using telematics to gain a comprehensive understanding of how Fleet Complete can help you achieve significant cost reductions.



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Boost Safety, Bolster Your Bottom Line

Unsafe driving practices such as aggressive driving, distracted driving, and neglecting safety measures can lead to catastrophic consequences. Collisions, increased vehicle wear and tear, higher insurance premiums, fuel waste, and liability costs can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses.

This is where our telematics solution comes to the rescue. Our driver safety scorecards allow you to identify high-risk drivers, enabling you to intervene and correct their behaviour before any incidents occur.

While collisions are sometimes inevitable given the millions of miles driven by your fleet annually, our collision reconstruction reporting provides indisputable data that protects your drivers, fleet, and company from false claims. By fostering a safety-conscious fleet supported by our robust telematics technology, you’ll not only attract and retain the best drivers but also minimize unproductive downtime and cultivate a positive public image.


Fuel Costs: Minimise Expenditure, Maximise Efficiency

Fuel costs have always been a significant concern for fleets, trailing only behind depreciation in terms of expenditure. However, fuel is an essential expense when it comes to keeping your fleet operational. The good news is that telematics can help you optimize fuel consumption and make it more cost-effective.

Our telematics solution, built on GPS technology, eliminates inefficient routing, ensuring that your fleet takes the most efficient paths. Moreover, as you monitor and address unsafe driving behaviours like aggressive driving, you’ll also make a substantial dent in fuel-wasting habits. For instance, driving just five miles per hour over the speed limit can waste up to 28 cents per gallon, and these pennies add up rapidly.

Telematics provides valuable insights into fuel-related aspects such as potential fuel theft by monitoring the time and location of refuelling stops.

To gain a holistic understanding of your fleet’s fuel spend and benchmark it against industry competitors, our telematics solution offers comprehensive insights, including monthly fuel trends and apples-to-apples industry benchmarking reports. By identifying potential areas of fuel waste, you can save significantly across your entire fleet.


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Fine-Tune Maintenance Costs for Optimal Performance

Keeping your fleet’s vehicles on the road is crucial for fulfilling your delivery, service, or sales missions. However, optimizing fleet maintenance can be challenging without the right tools. This is where our telematics solution steps in to help.

Our telematics technology optimizes your fleet maintenance program in three key ways:

  • By establishing a comprehensive preventative maintenance program, you can schedule routine repairs such as oil changes or tire rotations at times that least impact day-to-day operations.
  • By monitoring vehicle health through our telematics solution, you receive alerts for fault codes or signs of emerging maintenance and safety issues before they become costly problems, effectively avoiding significant expenses and downtime.
  • Adopting a wasteful approach of running vehicles until they become inoperable leads to unnecessary maintenance costs and decreased


If you would like to take our fleet management system for a spin to see how it can help you reduce your fleet costs, get started today. Try our Fleet Complete demo.


Originally published by Geotab.com on August 22nd 2019. 


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