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For any company, two of the greatest resources are its people and its physical assets. But are they performing to their greatest potential?

In an office situation, it would be most likely that the manager would know exactly where the employees are, and how they are being held accountable. On the road, an employee will be working, but could they be achieving more? Are they going directly from A to B? Are they spending extra time idling? Are they taking the most efficient route? Businesses with numerous employees out on the roads can’t account 100% for any of these things.

But did you know, after effective deployment of a Fleet Management System you can expect to see a 15-20% increase in vehicle utilisation? Simply put, fleet managers can distribute more work among fewer resources.

  1. Live Map – Having immediate access to where all your assets are at the one time allows you to better serve your customers. By identifying where drivers are and what they are doing, you can quickly respond to customer enquiries with the nearest available vehicle in the fleet, without interrupting the driver. This results in businesses being able to respond and deliver to any enquiry quicker, saving them time across the day and improving customer service.
  1. Customisable Reporting – Many companies are not using their assets efficiently. Some companies even have assets they are not using at all, and are often unaware of this fact. A fully customisable utilisation report can identify which vehicles are being used and at what times. Now, you can make significant changes to operations by either reducing the number of vehicles in a fleet, or reallocating vehicles to a different department or area.
  1. Point of Interest – By setting up specific Points of Interest, whether on a job site, or within the CBD, you can easily monitor what assets were at that geofenced location within the specified working hours. You can see exactly what time they arrive and leave, how long they spent onsite and whether they were idling. This allows you to gain a better understanding of asset utilisation, and whether they are being used to their full potential.

Underused assets and poor productivity levels will drag your business down and out of the competition. With a properly set up fleet management system, you will see better vehicle utilisation, improved routing, and overall efficiency in field operations. Maximising your staff productivity will help you do more with less, deliver stellar customer service, and gain a competitive advantage in your business niche.

  Jan 31, 2018     Sarah Magor