5 Tips to Implement GPS Tracking Solutions

So, you have made the decision to invest in a GPS Tracking solution but you are worried about push back from the entire business. Read on for some handy tips on how to gain acceptance from staff and get the most out of your solution.

Gaining staff acceptance how do staff feel about GPS tracking

Research the best GPS solution that meets your business needs, objectives and securities.

  • Work with your solution provider to ensure the right training, technical implementation and reporting structure is customised to meet your set goals
  • Know how your customised system works and what the benefits are that enhance your workflow management with detailed reports
  • Plan a business wide communication that highlights the simple technology enhancements and implementation rollout


Let your business know that GPS Tracking is not being used for big brother but rather to introduce business efficiencies that help meet compliance, lower operational costs and most importantly, improve your customer service.

  • Inform your business of the basics as well as the sophistications from the technology to the reporting details
  • Organisational benefits through GPS satellite services include dynamic reporting and vehicle compliance and maintenance schedules


Define how Fleet Tracking benefits will improve your processes, productivity and safety.

  • Reduce time spent submitting manual data reports that include fleet activity, compliance tracking, maintenance scheduling and job activity
  • Optimise fleet routing, driver productivity performance and vehicle maintenance securities
  • Improve customer service with better transparency in vehicle activity reporting, increased clarity in billing disputes and stronger avoidance in traffic violations


Introduce incentive programs for good driver behaviors and implement cost saving incentives to support the initiative of lowering fuel bills.

  • Highly effective programs share reporting results that encourage continuous improvement activities


Make everyone aware that GPS Tracking technology is there for their safety, security and organisational well-being.

  • Better fleet performance leads to potential lower insurance premiums, accurate job reporting and help meet compliancy with government legislations


Get in touch with one of our experts to learn more about GPS tracking and see what the system can do for your business!

Date published.   Sep 20, 2017  |  Author: Marketing FC