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Today we are talking about saving. Less fuel consumption does not only mean being environmentally friendly – fuel economy also saves money. There are several ways you can help to reduce your fuel consumption.Fueling the car at a gas station.

Here are five ways for you to take note of:

  1. Buy new cars. More advanced technology is almost always cleaner and can deliver energy from fuel more efficiently. New cars and trucks are more fuel-efficient, safer and more comfortable. Thus, by renewing your vehicle fleet, you not only lower fleet’s fuel consumption, you also improve the well-being of your employees.
  2. Measure how economically your drivers are driving. To make sure something is improving, you have to first measure it. Without knowing how economically one or another driver is driving, it is not possible to assess whether the situation is getting better or worse. Fleet Complete's GPS-based fleet management software helps you measure drivers' driving style, like excessive harsh accelerations, braking, and sharp cornering that, on average, burn more fuel. With trucks, fuel consumption can also be measured and additional parameters can be pre-set if desired.
    Eco sign on  a steering wheel.
  3. Reward economical drivers. Now that you can measure driving behavior, reward the best drivers. Make it a competition. Some healthy competition makes for a bit of fun and pride: soon everyone wants to drive more economically and actively work for it. The prize could be a cash reward or additional vacation days – alongside bragging rights.
  4. Plan your trips better. If your drivers need to make several trips a day, in cases like making customer visits or delivering goods, you can optimise your route. Changing the order of destinations can save tens (even hundreds) of kilometres a day. This also means saving time as well as fuel and money.

    Fleet Complete's fleet management solution allows you to do that. The sequence of tasks can be optimised at the touch of a button – the system finds a route that allows you to spend the least time, fuel and thus directly save costs. When the plan is ready, you can send the tasks directly to the employee's smart device.
  5. Drive less. This recommendation may sound too simplistic, but is really important. Think about your rides - are they all necessary? What is the outcome? For example, whether it makes sense to drive 200 kilometres for one meeting or appointment. In the same way, ten small rides can burn a lot of fuel but go unnoticed. Identify the most cost-effective solution for your business. 

As you can see, positively impacting your fuel economy is the process of changing, measuring the situation and motivating drivers. The potential for savings on fuel can greatly bring your overall business costs down.

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Date published.   Apr 23, 2019    Photo of Mihkel Külaots.  Mihkel Külaots