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Trucking Industry Transformation – the Drive to Help Fleets Thrive

Sandeep Kar, Fleet Complete's CSO and a thought leader in the automotive industry, introduces the transformations that are taking place After decades of incremental advancements in technologies that e

  Apr 04, 2018     Marketing FC 0

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Megatrends that will change the world by 2025

Our CSO and VP of OEMs recently visited us from Canada to discuss the future of telematics and the connected vehicle industry. Last week we were lucky enough to have Sandeep Kar, CSO, and Junior Barre

  Mar 06, 2018     Sarah Magor 0

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Top 5 Tips for Safety on the Roads

By compiling the data of over 500 vehicles, from December 2016, we have been able to identify the most common instances of bad driving.  Fleet Complete have developed an integrated dossier of historic

  Feb 12, 2018     Sarah Magor 0

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Fleet Complete Sponsors Arctic Challenge 2018

Yet another year Fleet Complete has been a proud partner of the annual Arctic Challenge event in the Scandinavian outback – and what a tour it was! To be broadcasted on Dutch television this February,

  Feb 01, 2018     Sarah Magor 0

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