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How to improve business productivity with 3 easy steps

For any company, two of the greatest resources are its people and its physical assets. But are they performing to their greatest potential? In an office situation, it would be most likely that the man

  Jan 31, 2018     Sarah Magor 0

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How can fleet management software help reduce fuel consumption?

The Western Australian Department of Environment and Conservation undertook a trial with logistics company Toll IPEC and found that by having commercial drivers cut idling times by three hours per wee

  Dec 21, 2017     Eloisa Guevarra 0

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Surging commodity prices bring new jobs and advanced telematics to the Australian Outback

With much activity going on in the resources sector, the spike in commodity prices induces a surge in job vacancies across Australia, as well as increased focus on fleet management technology. Despite

  Dec 13, 2017     Galina Korshunova 0

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The value of IVMS in meeting NDIS requirements for Not for Profits (NFP)

It’s been called the biggest shake-up since Medicare. In essence, the way Not for Profits (NFP) get funded is set to change. Individuals with disabilities will be afforded unprecedented power to choos

  Nov 09, 2017     Marketing FC 0

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