The Benefits of Electrifying your Fleet

Check out the range of benefits when transitioning to an electric fleet

Taking that step towards electrifying your fleet has a positive impact on more than just your sustainability goals.

As more and more electric options arrive into the market, now is the ideal time to take your business towards a sustainable future. The biggest driving factor of transitioning into an electric fleet is to have a positive impact on our environment, however there is many other positive impacts this decision can have on your business. Let’s delve into all the ways sustainability can revolutionise your business. You can also check out this handy guide from Ultimate Guide to Fleet Electrification.


EV's can help keep your assets and employees safe

Safety should be a key component of every business. When looking at electric vehicles compared to internal combustion engine vehicles, EV’s are often considered a safer alternative. Electric vehicles undergo additional safety testing and certifications to meet the highest safety requirements.

A great example of this is a specific test that looks at how the battery placement within the vehicle can reduce the severity of an accident. The battery can create a lower center of gravity if located along the bottom of a vehicle which makes the vehicle less likely to roll over during a collision.

The safety of electric vehicles is constantly being developed as the industry continues to grow, making electric vehicles some of the safest vehicles on the road.


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Fleet electrification can help improve your bottom line

It’s like installing solar panels in your home, the upfront costs are high but overtime the other benefits create significant lifetime savings.

The maintenance of electric vehicles takes a lot less work as they have fewer moving parts than a traditional petrol-powered engine. Fully electric vehicles do not need to have oil, fluids, timing belts, cylinders monitored and replaced from time-time. They even have a regenerative braking system which reduces the wear on brake pads.

One of the biggest benefits of transitioning to electric vehicles is the reduction of costs on fuel. Travelling in an electric vehicle cost significantly less than in a petrol-powered vehicle. This is because of how electric vehicles have been designed. They are three to four times more efficient at converting energy.

All of these factors combined make EV’s cheaper to operate over the lifespan of the vehicle.


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Electric Vehicles can improve the quality of life

Climate change is undeniable and EV’s are a critical piece of the puzzle to tackle this challenge. The transportation sector is a huge contributor towards greenhouse gas emissions, transitioning to EV’s is a very important step towards reducing our carbon footprint.

EV’s are also considerably quieter than their internal combustion engine counterpart. Reduction in noise pollution can also reduce the likelihood of hearing related illnesses and stress which can both be attributed to a vehicles/driving.


How can EV's benefit you?

Over the last couple of years, the EV technology has advanced significantly. As battery costs continue to drop, they are becoming more of an affordable option for fleet managers to consider.

It can feel like an enormous job to begin the process of electrifying your fleet with everything you need to consider. Its important to remember that the overall costs of transitioning and operating an electric fleet are cheaper in the long run.

To learn more about the benefits of transitioning to an electric vehicle fleet, check out the handy guide from Geotab The Ultimate Guide to Fleet Electrification


Originally published March 2, 2021 by Geotab 

Date published.   Jul 28, 2022  |  Author: Marketing FC